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If you’re interested in booking me for any type of event, then you’re at the right page! I play for pretty much anything from weddings, country clubs, private concerts, fundraisers, to background music for company events. You’ll find that my fees are very reasonable as well.

Where will I play?

I’m happy to play anywhere as long as it’s in the U.S.! If you are interested in booking me for an international performance/concert, don’t lose hope! Contact me, and we will see if something can be worked out; I want everyone to have an opportunity to experience me live! Be sure to book me as far ahead in advance as you can!

What music will I play?

I generally only play my original compositions. If you have a particular piece you really want to hear, please send me an audio sample of that piece a few weeks ahead of time. I play very well by ear, and as long as I have an opportunity to hear the song you’d like me to play beforehand, I’ll typically have it memorized within a matter of minutes (keep in mind there are definitely limitations on this though, if you ask me one day before hand to learn Chopin’s “Revolutionary Study”, I may not be able to as the piece is so intricate and complex).

What do I require for the performance?

My requirements are simple:

1. The opportunity to sell my CDs.

2. A good, working piano (meaning recently (within a year) tuned, no broken keys/strings, and fully working pedals!). As you would imagine, this is of utmost importance. I don’t require that it be tuned right before I get there UNLESS it has not been
tuned up to a year previous. I am happy to play on any style of piano – Upright, Grand – even digital is okay, as long as it is a FULL SIZE keyboard.

How much will it cost me?

Depending on the event and how much travel is involved, the price varies greatly. Most performances will fall within the range of $200-$1000. When you book me, you will be paying for two things:

1. Travel Expenses. Yes, I will happily travel anywhere in the U.S., but I naturally do not want to lose money when doing a show. Therefore travel expenses must be covered by the booker (air, car rental, and accommodations). If you would like an informal quote please drop me an email and tell me your location, and I will get back to you with a general price range of what to expect.

** If you are in or near Portland, then you have NO travel expenses to worry about. If you are in Oregon or Washington, then you only are required to cover fuel costs. **

Costs Per Event:

Country Club (or similar)

$75/hour, minimum charge $100

Church Concerts

With Churches, I work on a donation-based pay schedule. Generally, I prefer a minimum of $100, but if that is truly out of the budget (as it may be with smaller churches) contact me and we will see if something can be worked out. I have been paid up to
$600 for an event, but I understand that this is a cost that some budgets don’t allow. No worries! Please give what you can and what you believe is fair, and chances are I’ll accept.

STANDARD FEE:$800 – $1200The price will vary for a wedding depending on what you would like me to do – if you would like me to play during the wedding service itself, expect the price to be toward the upper end. If you’re looking for background music during dinner or
reception, you can probably expect the lower end. Pass on any details you can, and I’ll happily let you know what price to expect.
House Concerts

STANDARD FEE:$200 – $500House concerts are probably my favorite event to play at, so I am definitely willing to work with you on price! I prefer the $400 -$500 dollar range, but I understand not everyone can afford that. Please do what you can and possibly work with your
friends to get the cost divided –it soon becomes very affordable. How often do you get the opportunity to have an artist perform IN YOUR HOME? This is fun, guaranteed!A few things regarding house concerts…

1. Please check out my piano standards above! The piano must be in tune, and fully functional (keys and pedals must work).

2. I suggest you tell you friends to come too! The more the merrier, so please promote the concert to friends, acquaintances, and everyone else! Consider taking a $10 or so donation from each individual that comes to help with the overall cost.

Home concerts are fun – basically you will have the opportunity to interact with me, and ask any questions you have while I play and tell the stories behind my pieces. The standard performance is two hours with a 15-minute break. If you would like
it longer or shorter, that is no problem. Contact me and let me know.

Personal Compositions (Song Writing)

This is a unique service I offer. I feel that one of my great talents in life is writing a variety of music: music to touch you and grab your emotions and pull them in all directions. Instead of keeping that all to myself, I would like to share
it with you.If you have a special someone you want to give a one of a kind gift too, you can’t beat a personalized piece written JUST FOR THEM. Have a best friend that you can’t quite explain what your friendship means to you? Let me help! A piece for Mom, Grandma, Dad – this is definitely special and I would love to take part in helping you get
your message across through the art of piano. They will be touched. Here’s what is involved:

1. While other songwriters charge in the $1000’s or more, I charge $500 for the personalized piece, and my time.

2. To receive a professionally recorded version of the piece – $350 (this covers the drive to the recording studio, and recording studio charges).

3. To receive professionally written sheet music – Between $300 – $400 dollars, depending on the piece length. This usually ends up being around $350 as well.

If you would like BOTH (the sheet music, and the piece professionally recorded) it will be only $650.

A few notes about compositions….

Although yes, the song is for solely for you, I do retain all ownership and copyright rights for the song. Though it is your song, I do want credit for its creation.

You are welcome to choose the song title, and pretty much choose all of detail as to the ‘type’ of song you would like it to be (slow, fast, minor, major, happy, sad etc). I’m happy to work together with you in creating a piece together. Contact me and we’ll get started!

Questions? Want a quote? Feel free to ask!

Contact me for a booking