Had an amazing tour

Had an amazing tour from San Francisco to Seattle. We had 7 shows in 8 days and had wonderful responses from every place we played! Thanks to all the venues that hosted us and the NPR stations that had us on! If you missed us live, please pick up the book/cd or either individually at nomadicdevotionbooks.com/shop . If you would like to hear our live 20 minute interview on Eugene KLCC NPR go here – http://klcc.org/post/blue-collar-nomad-jake-kaida-and-matthew-tavis-johnson-live-klcc Thanks and see you all soon!

Piano tour from San Fran to Seattle!

Hey guys I will doing doing a tour with poet and traveler Jake Kaida for our Blue Collar Nomad joint project very soon! Starting in San Francisco on October 9th and ending in Seattle on the 18th! More details to come soon but hope to see you at a show! Check out our website at www.nomadicdevotionbooks.com

Site Relaunch

Hi everyone! Due to some computer trouble, I lost some of my old posts. I’m taking the chance to revitalize my web site. I’ll be working on it over the next few months so please excuse any missing content. I’ll be up and running soon. In the meantime, check out my youtube channel with music like this Muse piano remix.